Leadership and Professional Development Opportunities

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We are proud to once again offer wonderful opportunities for you to increase your paychecks! Those who want to join our presummer preparations, expand leadership and Judaic skills and/or increase their salary package should click through below and review the Staff Education & Leadership Incentives offered--filled with a variety of opportunities.



Professional Development Opportunities


Ta'amu U'r'u
"Taste and See" is The Conservative Yeshiva's funded winter break program offering college-age students from the USA a chance to experience learning and life at the CY first hand.
Dates: December 18, 2017 - January 1, 2018
Location: Jerusalem
Cost: $400 (includes learning, housing, airfare (up to $1300)). Register here. If you are interested please contact Rabbi Ari Perten as there may be some additional subsidies from CRB.

Mechon Hadar’s Winter Learning Seminar
Join Hadar's beit midrash in an immersive week of Torah study, prayer, shared meals and conversation. You'll take part in an honest, dynamic and multi-level exploration of Jewish texts with passionate teachers and committed peers.
Dates: January 7 - 11, 2018
Location: NYC
Cost: $200 program stipend
Register here. If you are interested please contact Rabbi Ari Perten.