The athletic program includes team sports and individual challenges. From basketball, softball, soccer and Frisbee to tennis, archery, biking and yoga, Ramah offers activities for all interests and skill levels. 

Older campers have the option to compete against other camps in varsity and junior varsity programs. They can improve their skill by learning from experts in our "Coaches-in-Residence" program. Yom Sport provides everyone with a day of friendly competition at all skill levels. We also offer a four day intensive sports clinic.


Ramah Berkshires campers enjoy swimming, boating and water play on beautiful Lake Ellis.  The Red Cross certified waterfront staff instructs and guards our daily instructional swim periods, as well as free swim times. For older campers, we offer a lifeguard training certification. Our water trampoline, slide, "blob" and "Summit" add to the fun on the waterfront.

Campers enjoy learning to kayak, canoe, and sail on the lake. Older campers have opportunities to participate in overnight boating adventures, as well.

Al Hagova (Adventure)

Summer camp is about the great outdoors, and there's plenty of that at Ramah! Our Al Hagova specialists are trained to teach environmental values to campers through overnights and nature walks. Older campers experience multi-day bike trips and hiking trips. Campers of all ages look forward to "flying" through the air on our zip-line, or mastering climbing skills on our rock wall. Groups of campers learn to bond and cooperate while on our ropes course or hiking up Ramah Mountain. Our in-camp mountain bike trail is used by campers of all ages.

Theater Arts


Jewish music and dance are keys to our program! Campers learn classic Israeli dances and songs, as well as modern pop tunes. Among the highlights of the summer are the Zimriyah (camp–wide song festival) and Rikudiah (dance festival). 

Drama specialists offer workshops in dramatic techniques and skills. Many camper edot (divisions) perform a musical play in Hebrew. Interested campers can opt for drama workshops. Those campers who love to sing can be part of our a cappella groups. Our staff and older camper a capella group performs each Friday evening, setting the mood as Camp ushers in Shabbat.

Fine Arts

Experienced artists and art teachers transmit their love of arts and crafts and fine art throughout the summer. From painting, sculpting and papier mache to jewelry-making, woodworking and tallit-making, campers are introduced to a wide-range of activities and have the opportunity to hone their skills in areas of special interest. At various times during the summer, visiting artists share their specialties with our campers.


The multi-media center enables campers to explore photography, radio and film-making. Interested campers can improve their photography skills as they document the summer in pictures. They can anchor their own radio show on Camp's radio station, Kol Ramah (Voice of Ramah), that broadcasts throughout Camp. They can even film, direct, edit and produce movies under the guidance of our videography staff.

Israel & Jewish Learning

Interwoven into all aspects of camp life are Conservative Jewish values and Ahavat Yisrael, love of Israel. Campers participate in age-appropriate and meaningful daily prayer. Jewish learning factors into all aspects of the daily schedule, from sportsmanship to the Jewish view of saving the environment.

Integral to the Ramah community is the Mishlachat, educators and support staff from Israel who work in all aspects of camp life. They provide campers with a taste of Israel, exposure to Hebrew language, and an understanding of current events in the Middle East.