2016 Annual Fund Dinner Honoree


Rabbi Paul Resnick

Camp Ramah in the Berkshires has been Rabbi Paul Resnick’s only summer home for almost forty years. He has put it above all else and tended it with a caring and welcoming heart. When he started as a Junior Counselor in 1977, an 18-year-old graduate of the Brandeis Day School from Woodmere, NY, he thought he would spend one summer on staff. But he returned the following year as a counselor, and in the ensuing years served as Rosh Edah (1981-’84); Head Counselor (1985-’86); the first Assistant Director in any Ramah overnight camp (1987-’88); and Associate Director (1989). In 1990, he assumed the chief’s role.

Rabbi Resnick has forged strong bonds with two generations of campers and staff, created a great year-round team, and nurtured the development of the Alumni Association, which is unique in the Ramah and general camping world. His priority has been to make Camp accessible to a broad cross-section of the Jewish community by accommodating families from different economic backgrounds as well as campers who are emotionally or socially challenged. To that end, he has helped pioneer innovative programs from Breira to Ta’am Ramah, and this year, has extended that inclusiveness to the LGBQT community.Rabbi Resnick has also left his mark on Camp’s physical structure: the amphitheater; soccer and Frisbee fields; the Welcome Center and the Ulam were all built under his watch, and the Arts Center is scheduled for completion this summer.  

What he has received from CRB in return is invaluable. He met his wife, Martha, in 1982 when she was a Junior Counselor at CRB; she later served as counselor, Rosh Edah and ganenet. Theirs was the first shidduch plaque in the Chadar Ochel, and they will be celebrating their thirtieth anniversary in December. Their children, Rena, Joey, and Dori, grew up at Camp and have all served on CRB staff. The Resnicks live in Teaneck, NJ, where they are members of Congregation Beth Sholom.

Rabbi Resnick’s new title is Senior Engagement and Planning Director, a role in which he will strengthen bonds and engage alumni, friends, supporters and parents. Even though Rabbi Resnick won’t be a daily presence at Camp in summers to come, his imprint is bound into the spirit of Camp. His goal remains unchanged: to make Camp even better.

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