Daber 2014

Join the Hebrew Initiative!

We are proud to partner with National Ramah to promote Hebrew at camp. We are looking for staff members who are interested in the use and promotion of Hebrew at camp in their area of work and within the greater camp community. Fellows can be from an edah or anaf staff and will be expected to participate in Winter/Spring online training programs and conference calls, attend a 4-day Spring training conference (Ramah covers the cost) as well as produce a personal project to be executed over the summer that promotes the use of Hebrew in a new and creative way.

We are looking for fellows from a variety of Hebrew comfort levels and backgrounds so don’t be afraid to apply! The deadline to apply for this new opportunity is in January. Daber Fellows will receive a stipend of up to $250 for the completion of their work. If you have any questions about the application process, please email us here.