Alumni Association

After you've left Gesher behind, after staff is a are an alumni of Camp! Camp Ramah in the Berkshires has an incredible tradition of community. As an alumni of Camp, you are always a part of our camp community and we encourage you to stay in touch!

Founded in 1990 as a way to provide scholarships to campers in needed, the Ramah Berkshires Alumni Association has developed into much more. The RBAA has funded numerous capital projects for Camp, including A-Side Tennis Courts, Waterfront Docks, A-Side Softball Field, Zipline, Mountain Bike Trail, and more. Throughout the year, the RBAA plans various events for CRB Alumni to stay connected with Camp and each other! Contact us!

The Ramah Berkshires Association Hanhallah

President:  Rebecca Kahn (Gesher '97)
Liaison to the Camp Board:  Mark Covitt (Gesher '90)
Secretary:  Ilana Kahn (Gesher '00)
Roshei RBA:  Ori Foger (Gesher '00) & Eli Grossman
Rosh Development:  Amy Winiker (Gesher '04)
Roshei Golf Outing:  Josh Hirsch (Gesher '01) and Ari Saposh (Gesher '01)
Rosh Labor Day:  Annie Zacks (Gesher '02) & Matt Albert (Gesher '01)
Roshei Internship Program: Ilana Kahn (Gesher '00) & Marcia Kahnowitz (Gesher '99)
Rosh Areyvut: Jenna Statfeld Harris (Gesher '00)
Sgan Rosh Areyvut: Arielle Glazer
Co-Secretaries: Sigal Hirsch (Gesher '05) & Haley Vinick (Gesher '05)