Gesher Fund

Say Thank You to Camp Ramah in the Berkshires

Machon 10 GirlsThe Gesher Fund enables families to say toddah rabbah to Camp Ramah for playing such a crucial role in the lives of our children.  Gifts of all levels are meaningful and appreciated.  It is our goal to have 100% participation from the edah families.

Gesher '17 elected to allocate their gift to create a new entrance gate. 



2017 Gesher Fund Committee


Victoria & Ben Feder
Julie & Jeff Shlefstein

Igul HaHayim

Past Gesher Fund Gifts

2009 - Ramah Berkshires Shiron
2010 - Gan Gesher
2011 - Beautification of Paradise
2012 - Beautification of Bet Am Bet Circle,                Igul HeHayim                            
2013 - Creation of A-Side Tree house,                      Etz Hayim
2014 - Creation of Pergola on A-Side
2015 - Addition of Misters on B-Side
2016 - Moadon Gesher refurbishment